Christmas Tree Fly


Christmas Tree Fly

The idea came to me a couple of years ago, when the club I belong to, was having a competition to tye a Christmas themed fly.  While I didn’t win, there was a lot of interest in the fly and encouragement to do something with it.  A fishing buddy and I were having a beer in his garage (man cave) shortly after, and I noticed some rough hewn cedar scrap he had laying around.  We got to thinking maybe a shadow box made out of the cedar would be a good way to make the fly into a gift.  Since then I have done about 30 of these flies in shadow boxes.

The fly is made by spinning dyed deer hair on a size 2 long shank hook.  Incidentally my buddy and I cured the deer hide ourselves and I dyed it in my basement.  Then I shape the blob of deer hair with scissors and razor blades, decorate the fly with glass beads and some mylar flash.  I tie a little yellow poly yarn on the top to represent the star or angel on the tree, I know it’s a stretch but there is only so much I can do with deer hair.

Hope you enjoy the fly, I don’t think it‘ll catch anything, but hopefully it will get a rise from your friends.